The Global Competitiveness Report 2009 - 2010

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Within the Eurozone, Germany maintains the lead, although it goes down one position to sixth place, while the Netherlands 7th improves by one position in the rankings, France drops three places to 18th, and Greece continues its downward trend to 90th. Competitiveness-enhancing reforms will play a key role in revitalizing growth in the region and tackling its key challenges, fiscal consolidation and persistent unemployment.

The results show that while competitiveness in advanced economies has stagnated over the past several years, in many emerging markets it has improved, placing their growth on a more stable footing and mirroring the shift in economic activity from advanced to emerging economies.

The Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010

China 26th continues to lead the way among large developing economies, improving by one more place and solidifying its position among the top For the recovery to be put on a more stable footing, emerging and developing economies must ensure that growth is based on productivity enhancements. Advanced economies, many of which struggle with fiscal challenges and anaemic growth, need to focus on competitiveness-enhancing measures in order to create a virtuous cycle of growth and ensure solid economic recovery.

The pillars are: institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic environment, health and primary education, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, labour market efficiency, financial market development, technological readiness, market size, business sophistication and innovation.

The rankings are calculated from both publicly available data and the Executive Opinion Survey, a comprehensive annual survey conducted by the World Economic Forum with its network of Partner Institutes. This year, over 14, business leaders were polled in a record economies.

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This was not the case in GCRs before the war. The rank was marginally improving with occasional set backs. It is also important to understand the fact that this never reflects the regional variations. Not only one person or a one organization. It's a nation's achievement. However, this time we were able to cover most of the Districts.

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Which provided a broader picture. Its nice to read such knowledge disseminated by own friends.

Global Competitiveness Report

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Nearly 9 in 10 babies …. Anushka Wijesinha Sep 07, The World Economic Forum today 7th September released its latest Global Competitiveness Report , which reports that Sri Lanka has made an impressive jump of 10 places in the rankings, to 52nd from 62nd in the report. Certain pillars still sticky.

Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010 introduced at Davos Forum

Guarding against complacency. Some recent reformers appear to have stalled in their rise up the rankings, and this was considered noteworthy.

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Can it be sustained? What began as a financial crisis in a handful of industrialized economies continues to spill over into the real economy, engendering massive contractions in consumer demand, rising unemployment, and mounting protectionist pressures worldwide. In a difficult global economic environment, it is more important than ever for countries to put into place strong fundamentals underpinning economic growth and development.

The Global Competitiveness Report - Reports - World Economic Forum

The Report is a contribution to enhancing the understanding of the key factors determining economic growth and to explaining why some countries are more successful than others in raising income levels and opportunities for their respective populations; hence it offers policymakers and business leaders an important tool in the formulation of improved economic policies and institutional reforms. The Report contains a detailed profile for each of the economies featured in the study as well as an extensive section of data tables with global rankings covering over indicators.

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