Global Finance: Finance 05.02

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Finance officials from the two countries said their proposal, which would be put to other European Union countries, would consist of an immunization program financed by a mechanism similar to the International Finance Facility IFF devised by Britain. Under the scheme, wealthy countries would guarantee bonds issued by poor nations to raise development funds.

A second measure in the French-German proposal could include "airline fuel taxation and charges on plane tickets," the statement said.

More than 20 trade ministers met with the head of the World Trade Organization WTO in Switzerland on Saturday amid warnings that global trade talks were a crucial building block in an anti-poverty drive this year. Britain wants to use its G8 leadership to double aid to Africa and write off the continent's debts. Germany and other European countries are backing the plan, but the US and Japan are proving hard to convince. Although the economy as a whole is in its best shape in three decades, improved growth is threatened by disparities between wealthy nations and the developing world as well as rising oil prices.

Germany's federal president is not chosen through a popular vote.

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Instead, a special committee is formed with the sole purpose of selecting the president via a vote. A passenger airplane carrying a major Russian ice hockey team has crashed shortly after takeoff killing nearly everyone on board, according to local news agencies. The crash took place in Yaroslavl, in western Russia. Seller Inventory B Book Description Capstone, New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory FW Book Description Capstone. Seller Inventory Book Description Capstone Ltd, Condition: Brand New.

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Never used! This item is printed on demand. Items related to Global Finance: Finance Leo Gough Global Finance: Finance Global Finance: Finance Leo Gough. Publisher: Capstone , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. To illustrate, suppose your bank announced a negative 3 percent interest rate on your bank deposit of dollars today.

Global Finance: Finance 05.02

Suppose also that the central bank announced that cash-dollars would now become a separate currency that would depreciate against e-dollars by 3 percent per year. The conversion rate of cash-dollars into e-dollars would hence change from 1 to 0. After a year, there would be 97 e-dollars left in your bank account.

If you instead took out cash-dollars today and kept it safe at home for a year, exchanging it into e-money after that year would also yield 97 e-dollars. At the same time, shops would start advertising prices in e-money and cash separately, just as shops in some small open economies already advertise prices both in domestic and in bordering foreign currencies.

Global Finance: Finance 05.02

Cash would thereby be losing value both in terms of goods and in terms of e-money, and there would be no benefit to holding cash relative to bank deposits. This dual local currency system would allow the central bank to implement as negative an interest rate as necessary for countering a recession, without triggering any large-scale substitutions into cash.

While a dual currency system challenges our preconceptions about money, countries could implement the idea with relatively small changes to central bank operating frameworks. In comparison to alternative proposals, it would have the advantage of completely freeing monetary policy from the zero lower bound.

Still, implementing such a system is not without challenges. It would require important modifications of the financial and legal system.

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Also, it would require an enormous communication effort. The pros and cons of the system are country specific and should be carefully compared to other proposals, such as higher inflation targets, for increasing monetary policy space in a low-interest environment. We consider these issues, and more, in our research.

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